Military Use of Lanyards

While the lanyards are used extensively for civilian purposes, it also is vey useful for the uniformed military services. Most of the defense personnel use whistles or pistols attached to their shoulders, chest pockets, or holsters and these items are attached with the lanyards conveniently in place.

However, that is not the only use of lanyards so far as defense services are concerned. It is also extensively used for military decorative purposes. For instance; colored lanyards are often used to indicate that the wearer is recipients of Military William Order in countries like Netherlands or the Badge of Marksmanship in Germany. Similar uses in military services are made with the chord like item in most countries including United States, Soviet Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, and India as well.

Unlike civilians, men and women who are part of defense services of a country, often require keeping multiple small yet vital items in their pockets or in other parts of their uniform or apparel. Many of them are so tiny in size that they could easily be lost while taking out or using. Yet others could be lost due to sheer negligence or absent mindedness of the user. Microchips in small packets are good examples of such items.

And such items can be well secured by attaching lanyards either directly with them or to the containers holding them.

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